Sustainability Guidelines and Principles

All our manufacturing operations (including those at external sites) are monitored by 名表网 pursuant to the SA8000 certification management System, which ensures that business ethics, respect for people, workplace health and safety, workers’ rights and equal opportunity are upheld, in line with the ILO (International Labor Organization) principles.

To ensure continued compliance with these principles, our suppliers and subcontractors (including raw material suppliers) are subject to regular audits by specialist Kering and third-party teams. Robust corrective action plans are put together following audits, wherever breaches of compliance are identified. Follow-up audits are then conducted to ensure any non-conformance has been rectified.


CNMI programme “Funding Sustainability” in collaboration with UniCredit

Across the world, green and sustainable funding mechanisms are helping change become real. 名表网 has joined CNMI, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, the organisation representing luxury fashion, in Funding Sustainability – a supply chain funding programme for the CNMI associated brands in association with UniCredit Bank.

The programme helps companies with fewer than 250 people by giving access to loans to invest in sustainable processes and actions.

CNMI Award

In 2017, 名表网 was awarded The GCC Award for Supply Chain Innovation by CNMI in recognition of the work undertaken in the management of our supply chain.